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Introducing the next generation in CO2 laser engraving systems... UBS's CO2 laser engraving systems have with a working range of 18" x 12", 24" x 12", and 24" x 24", as well as a maximum speed of 79 in/s - precision movement by linear guides and laser powers of 40 watts to suit all types of work. For small applications,our tabletop laser engraving systems produce name tags, plaques, trophy plates, and small signage. If your applications are more robust, our large laser floor units handle heavy-duty laser cutting, wood marking, high-volume rubber stamps, signage, and high-volume matrix marking applications.

The UBS commitment to exceptional products and services is evident in our laser engraving systems and engraving software. Exceptional features found on all our laser engraving systems that set us apart include:

This Laser Engraver uses flying optic beam technology which moves the laser beam back & forth and etches the image line by line. The image files can be transformed from scanner or digital photo, and then edit in design software like 'Corel Draw'. Files are etched in a way like an ink jet printer to present the image on the materials. You can use on many incredible materials such as wood, beans, acrylic, marble,... to make many unique applications !

Working formats: Standard industrial fonts, individual and dot-matrix fonts, Machine readable codes, Graphics, logos, symbols etc.


Laser type: CO2Laser
Wavelength: 10.64 um
Power Class: 40W (Optional 60W)
Beam Deflection: XYZ Axis

Extra ordinary Features

Applicable materials:

Cutting and engraving: rubber, plastic, organic glass, cloth, leather, wool fabric, ceramics, tile, crystal, acrylic, jade, bamboo, wood, and other nonmetal materials. (Can mark on metal and all material when use with special spray)

Applicable industries: stamps, magic beans, toys, leather, textiles, packaging, gift.

Easy operation via PC and software - AI, BMP, PLT, DXF and DST formats can be processed.

Minimal set-up time - There is no need to clamp the piece you are working on. Time-consuming positioning is a thing of the past!

No pre- or post-processing - The cutting edge has a very good surface finish and the top side is free of scratches.

Minimal influence on the material - no-contact processing allows no force effects. The zone influenced through heat is minimal and the material structure remains. Transparent costs: The cost of maintenance per year for the components does not normally exceed 1-1.5% of the investment cost. No tooling costs are incurred, as there is no wear and tear on the laser point.
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