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MTL laser marker is one of co2 markers, low power, low price; it is mainly used in marking of paper, packing bag, wood and carving the patterns and characters on the wooden surface.

CO2 laser marker is often called Gas laser marker or laser engraver; CO2 laser is a gas laser whose frequency band wave length of infrared light is 10.64um. CO2 gas is filled in the discharge tube as the medium to produce laser. When high voltage is added to the electrode, it will produce glow discharge in the discharge tube and then the gas molecule will discharge laser. After the energy of laser is strengthened, it will form the laser beams to process the materials. computer-controlled resonance mirror can change the path of the laser beams so that automatic marking can be accomplished.

Marking formats: Standard industrial fonts, individual and dot-matrix fonts, Machine readable codes,Graphics,logos,symbols etc.


Cooling: Air Cooled
Electrical: 110V-240V, 50/60Hz
Environment: Temperature 5-40 C Humidity: 10-90 %, Not condensing

Laser & Marking Head

Laser type: CO2Laser (Made in America)
Wavelength: 10.64 um
Power Class: 10W (Optional 30W)
Beam Deflection: Digital high speed galvanometer
Focusing: Precision Laser Scan Lens: 56/100/163/254/420/810mm options...

Extra ordinary Features

  • High-Speed laser marking. Even capable of clearly marking image data or 2D codes.
  • Capable of marking almost any material, including plastics, glass, rubber, and paper. Does not use ink, making for extremely low running costs.
  • Permanent characters and bar codes can be marked directly onto products.
  • World's fastest marking speed saves operation time. Marking is even possible on moving objects.
  • Easy setup via PC. Image data can also be marked.
  • Films or molding gates can also be cut quickly and easily by adjusting power settings.
  • Red diode pointer for easy set up Industrial grade extruded frames with rack mount components
  • Hinged door with laser safe viewing window
  • Oversized openings for larger working areas
  • Designed to operate under high shock, vibration and dust conditions
  • Compact footprint designs
  • PC with user friendly software, Flat panel monitor, mouse and keyboard

UGAM BEAM SCIENCE PVT. LTD. opens up all the possibilities that laser marking has to offer today. the powerful , user-friendly software is the key to perfect result. The systems are remarkable for their compact diamantions. The Laser power can be adjusted to suit the application on hand. The high beam quality and precise beam guidance a makes it possible to achieve excellent results. Low energy consumption and high through put makes it especially economical. The high Tech software makes its easy to alter parameter. The system has standardized interfaces under windows NT or 98/2000.
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