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Fiber Laser

Under the brand name of AGNI Laser Marking Series, AGNI-F is Q Switched Fiber Laser Marking System are safe, state-of-the-art and alternatives for Nd:YAG and Nd:YVO4 lasers (Lamp-pumped, side-pumped diode, and End-pumped diode). Components including a Q Switched Fiber Laser with Scan Head, Industrial PC Controller, Power Supply, Marking Software and laser safety enclosure.

Diode-pumped Nd:YAG Laser

Under the brand name of AGNI Laser Marking series, AGNI-D is new generation of Diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser marking systems convinces by an unprecedent combination of throughput, flexibility, user-friendliness,reliability,and economy.


MTL laser marker is one of co2 markers, low power, low price; it is mainly used in marking of paper, packing bag, wood and carving the patterns and characters on the wooden surface. CO2 laser marker is often called Gas laser marker or laser engraver; CO2 laser is a gas laser whose frequency band wave length of infrared light is 10.64um.


Introducing the next generation in CO2 laser engraving systems... UBS's CO2 laser engraving systems have with a working range of 18" x 12", 24" x 12", and 24" x 24", as well as a maximum speed of 79 in/s - precision movement by linear guides and laser powers of 40 watts to suit all types of work. For small applications,our tabletop laser engraving systems produce name tags, plaques, trophy plates, and small signage.

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